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·   Evocative love story jazz vocals Vivian Lee – LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE: If you love ladies who know how to bring stories of love to life through jazz vocals, you’re going to HAVE to have Vivian’s August, 2018, release in your collection… just check out her scintillating performance on “Some Other Time“, and you’ll be an “instant believer” in her tantalizing talent – the recording is top-of-the-line, and Vivian’s vocal is among the best I’ve listened to (yet) in 2018.

DICK METCALF, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

Kicking it old school throughout, Lee is a classic jazz vocalist that knows how to swing the oldies that you want to hear done right one more time. With the newest track being “Didn’t We”, this journey through the past has no dust on it at all. A real find for genre fans, this gal could lessons on how to get it done. A real smoker.

CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher

This talented vocalist reminds me of songs I’ve loved and missed, reaching back into yesteryear and pulling out gems like “Didn’t We” and “Out of Nowhere”. Ms. Lee breathes new life into beautiful melodies and lyrics like “Bein' Green,” or “Emily and “Waltz for Debby.” Not only does Vivian Lee talk about love, she tells stories of love we all have lived and makes us relate to each one with the passion and tonal precision that only a seasoned and jazz vocalist and storyteller can do.

Dee Dee McNeil

I hired you solely on your reputation and recommendation, so I was completely taken by surprise with your performance. From the moment you struck the first note the audience was instantly taken in with the emotional warmth of your presence, your calm and enticing voice, and the remarkable level of support from your ensemble. I immediately understood why you are generally recognized as the gold standard for jazz in the greater Sacramento area, as you have the complete package.

David Clouse, booker Stonehouse Restaurant and Club

Definitely will be playing Vivian Lee. Totally impressed by her voice and style. Exceptional singer.   

Jim Stone WLNZ Lansing - East Lansing, MI

When you talk about contemporary jazz vocalists in Sacramento.. truly only one name floats to the top of that list.. VIVIAN LEE! She is style and grace and professionalism all rolled into one sweet package and not to mention the talent she has for making the song matter if its an original or a standard classic.

Lob Instagon, manager/booker ShineSacramento

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